What is a Gurgaon?

The proper question is who is Gurgaon?

I am Gurgaon, the journalistic writer of this Hawaii review blog! I am originally from India and have moved all over the world after my studies in college. I fortunately landed in Honolulu, Hawaii and I just fell in love with the island that I didn’t want to leave.

I wanted to stay here so bad that I decided to enroll into the University Of Hawaii to “continue” my studies. So, here I am living my dream!

With with website, I would like to share my love for what Hawaii has to offer. So if you’ve never been to Hawaii (on the island of Oahu), you can preview Hawaii from my reviews. From attractions, business services, eateries, and events, I’ll share them with you with my honest opinion. I’ve you live here, visit here often and you may find something new to try.

So come and follow me as I pack and move throughout Oahu, Hawaii!