The Dragon Upstairs Review

The Dragon Upstairs Review

The Dragon Upstairs is a prominent jazz hosting bar located in the very heart of Chinatown. The name Dragon comes from the fact that formerly the place was a tattoo parlor. But to this day, the Dragon Upstairs serve up to their esteemed customers’ classic cocktails that comes along with live jazz performance.

Dragon Upstairs is but a unique venue where local vocalists and small combos can be found at the upstairs of the Hank’s Café in Honolulu. If what you are looking for is a place of great music and live performances, the Dragon Upstairs is the place. Here, you can listen to live music, specifically jazz and occasionally all other kinds of music. There are many great things that lounging to The Dragon Upstairs has to offer you. For one, the place is not outrageously expensive in any sense.

Another thing is that Dragon Upstairs is quite intimate so people who want to listen to good music and drink to their heart’s content minus the crowd, Dragon Upstairs is just the place for that. It is great that there were no clubbers or any similar nonsense at the place so you can just enjoy hanging and drinking at the place without worries at all. Additionally, if you are one that favors Asian you will love the fact that Dragon Upstairs’ walls are decorated in Asian decors that’s evocative of the 1960s.

The Dragon Upstairs Hawaii Review

When you are at the place, it gives you the feeling as if you are within a classic movie and that’s a great feeling for movie buffs. As far as the music, you can expect that it is always good and diversified seeing that varying bands regularly sing at the place. Though jazz is the specialty music of the place, they still cater all kinds of music such as Rn’B and it gets you feeling right inside.

People have always been music lover deep down, no matter what the culture, the race, whether they are female or male. People bond and share through music and that makes the Dragon Upstairs such a great place to where you can bond with your family, your friends or simply have a good time with your colleagues. Avid fans of blues music along with delectable foods will surely fall in love with this amazing place.

As they say, “Music in a universal language” and that is what the Dragon Upstairs offers their customers day in and day out. After having been established since the year 2003, the Dragon Upstairs continuously to bring cheers and good music to the people of Downtown Chinatown even to this day. They continue to bring you all types of music as well as shows that will bring you good feelings deep down. That, plus a taste of the best and most delectable dishes, wide range beverages and drinks, plus a whole lot more.

If you visit the Downtown Chinatown, locals can readily tell you about the Dragon Upstairs and point you to the place where all this good feelings happen. All this happen in the center of Chinatown at Nu’uanu Ave in Honolulu.

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